Business reorganisation is a necessity to remain competitive, manage costs, deliver excellent service and meet the changing demands of the environment in which SME’s operate. Invariably, reorganisations will result in redundancies. Successful change will always require detailed planning and preparation. Poor planning will result in demotivated and disengaged staff and potential tribunal claims.

AB Commercial HR Solutions can support with all aspects of business reorganisation

  • Ensuring the new organisation structure is “fit for purpose”
  • Project planning and communications exercises
  • Writing job descriptions and role profiles for newly created roles in the structure
  • Redundancy selection criteria
  • Conducting collective consultations and 1-1s
  • Redundancy payments calculations
  • Providing telephone helpline support and step by step approach
  • Facilitating support for redundant employees – outplacement, CV writing, interview skills
  • Briefing notes, template letters and management briefings
  • Line management skills training

Reorganisation and change will always be difficult and unsettling because they affect  people and their futures. Experience shows that effective planning, preparation and communication are critical to any reorganisation. The challenge is to also ensure that levels of customer service are maintained, if not improved.