In excess of 130 million days are lost each year to sickness absence in the UK, with over 15 million days lost due to stress, anxiety and depression. Any absence is a cost to the business both directly and indirectly. Fit and healthy employees become demoralised when they see persistent absenteeism offenders not dealt with in a business .

Managing absence requires fairness in approach and must also factor in the potential issues that can influence the course of action – specifically discrimination and disability.

AB Commercial HR Solutions can support with all aspects of managing absence

  • Bradford Factor implementation
  • Development of process, guidelines and procedures
  • Long term ill health case management including work related stress
  • Facilitation of medical reports, OH assessments, counselling and functional capacity assessments
  • Providing telephone helpline support and step by step approach
  • Briefing notes, template letter writing
  • Managing absence skills training for managers
  • Coordinating phased returns to work after long term absence

All sickness absence, whether frequent short term or long term, impacts on colleagues taking on additional work, as well as incurring a cost if there is a need for temporary labour. If sickness absence issues are not addressed effectively, it can affect morale within the business. Colleagues want and expect genuine long term ill health issues to be managed sensitively and with understanding and empathy.

AB Commercial HR Solutions are pleased to partner with Symbios in the provision of Occupational Health reports and referrals and functional capacity assessments.