Property and facilities management can be a significant cost to any business and every organisation wrestles with the question of whether facilities management which can encompass such diverse activities as cleaning, catering, maintenance, security, vending and pest control should be delivered in-house or sub contracted out to third party specialist providers.

Whilst there will always be compelling arguments for each approach, the current economic climate dictates that there will always be pressure to reduce operating costs. However, FM is not only about cost – understanding and complying with legislation and standards is an essential requirement of property and facilities management.

From fire-lifting equipment, electrical, water, air conditioning and pressure vessels it is critical that businesses not only understand what they have to do to keep their buildings safe, but also the required frequency of maintenance, testing and record keeping.

AB Commercial HR Solutions can draw on extensive operational and commercial experience in Education, Healthcare and Corporate environments to support in the following areas:-

  • Statutory compliance including Maintenance and Cleaning regimes
  • Management of FM providers and adherence to SLAs and KPIs
  • Managing the transfer of services including Cleaning and Maintenance to 3rd party contractors
  • Reviewing FM service provision including Helpdesk, reactive and planned maintenance records, schedules etc to ensure adherence to the FM standard
  • Compliance review and audits
  • FM Business review and service audits
  • PFI/PPP/LIFT relationship management including SPC
  • FM training and coaching

Managing the infrastructure around property and facilities management is a significant cost and must be kept under review to ensure that it is both compliant and value for money. All employees want to work in a safe, tidy, clean and secure environment but this comes at a cost.